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School Closure - Your News

Your Photos and News!

Please let us know what you've been up to. 


Olivia has had 12 inches of her hair cut off to donate to The Little Princess Trust. Not only that she has raised £375 to The Fountain Centre in Guildford specifically St Luke’s Cancer Centre. Well done Olivia - we are so proud of you!

We love Leia's recent artwork!

Kitty has been very busy at home researching submarines, having a go at tying knots (with fruit strings!), some 3D art and she even made her own edible fish tank. Well done Kitty - you have been very creative over the last few weeks.

Polly was delighted to see her artwork on the front cover of this months Grayshott Today magazine. She wanted to share it with everyone - well done Polly!

Over the last couple of weeks, some children in Green class have been creating self-portraits. Can you guess who is who?

Lilia worked really hard to produce an 'insult' poem towards her pencil - well done Lilia this is great!

Kitty also created a short animation using the Stickbot app!

Still image for this video

Kitty has been researching historical and futuristic transport and even designed her own car for the future that expands into a home. Kitty also invented a fitness game that you might like to have a go at!

Henry has created his own magazine about Dragons - it looks fabulous and interesting to read!

Martha has been about the life cycle of a frog and even did some froggy themed number bonds for maths! She then visited Linchmere Common and found real tadpoles and froglets.

Kitty has been very busy inventing her own island for guinea pigs! She then created the island using recycled materials and a mixture of ublec and slime for the sea. This looks like lots of fun Kitty!

Oliver has been learning about famous explorers including Neil Armstrong!

George has been very busy and has enjoyed making his own clock, has helped with doing some baking, played with the sand and water in the garden and has been looking for painted stones when going out for walks!

James has decided he would like to be a landscape designer when he is older - we think this is a great idea!

Eliza has been busy making a wood louse village and playing games along with enjoying maths computer games.

Pavan created some beautiful VE Day bunting and composed a wonderful piece of writing about an 'alien relative!'

Grace made a sock puppet using a sock and some buttons. Grace had to sew the buttons on with a little help - this looks great fun Grace!

Kitty created her very own mud water filter. The second picture shows the water after it was filtered through the mud twice. Well done Kitty!

Lois set herself a challenge to run 5k without stopping. Well done Lois - that's amazing!

Eliza has been making a shop, potting her sunflowers and pressing some flowers that she picked!

Daisy has been enjoying learning outside!

George in Green Class has learnt to juggle! Very impressive commitment to learning a tricky skill! Well done George!

Still image for this video

George has been busy writing a poem about Pesto Pasta. Writing poems about food is something Green Class were learning about this week - well done George!

Charlie has been very busy creating his very own puppet theatre based on The Dragon Who Ate Our School, he even made his own stick puppets to go inside. This looks fantastic Charlie, well done! Evan has written an excellent diary entry based on Dindy & The Elephant - well done Evan!

Jack has worked really hard on his Cheetah Fact File - well done Jack, those are some fantastic facts!

Kitty has been improving her sewing skills and is very proud of her mythical creature - well done Kitty!

James (Green Class) has worked really hard and created an incredible VE day information poster - well done James this is fantastic!

Pavan has been very busy doing lots of different activities during lockdown - art, sewing, science and making a salt dough fairy garden!

Olivia and Charlie have been writing their own newspaper articles this week!

Evi has been busy helping her Dad build a chicken coop, doing lots of reading and art work!

James and Polly have been enjoying making dandelion honey using dandelions collected on their walks and have loved seeing their caterpillars emerge as butterflies.

Evie says - "I hope you like my picture of the Taj Mahal, I copied it off a picture in my house. I am very proud of it". We love it Evie!

Brooke has been very busy at home. First, she interviewed her grandparents and created a fantastic newspaper article all about her family history on VE day. She also baked some delicious scones and coffee cake for her neighbours on this special day.

Sachin worked hard on a letter to his future self - well done Sachin, you have some great aspirations!

Lilia's been very busy making a castle theatre! Although she couldn't find any real puppets, she made her own using Lego and performed her very own puppet show.

Some copies of VE Day Art Competition entries that the children have created

Matilda and Sampson enjoying begin creative and doing their exercises!

Andrew's been having fun with one of his birthday presents!

Eliza has been busy making numbers with numicon, making a pinch pot out of clay, watering her runner bean and sunflower pots and also helping her mummy make over 200 visors for care home and hospital staff!

It's been a busy week for Daisy - inside and out!

Ted has enjoyed practicing lots of science whilst he is at home.

Hugh has been doing lots of learning, art and playing games!

Oliver has been learning about Sweden, has made a Viking shield and writing his name in runes!

Oliver has researched lots of interesting stories and then created his own monster. He also researched the Loch Ness monster and created a tourism leaflet about it.

Violet enjoyed doing the sound effects for ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and creating her own mythical monster!

Barney has made a fantastic dragon!

Still image for this video

Charlotte and her sister took part in family sports day. Well done for winning a certificate girls!

Lauren and Dylan have been busy learning in the garden and indoors this week.

The children at school made birthday cards for Captain Tom Moore. They also did 'Back Garden PE' on the playground!

Jasper has enjoyed learning about bridges, and constructing his own lego suspension bridge whilst Millie and Bella have created an Art Studio in the garage! Jasper, Millie and Bella have enjoyed keeping fit riding their bikes from home.

Bea has been busy creating her own mystical creature - being horse mad, it obviously had to include some horsey features! Bea decided to make it a bit more of a 3-D box project rather than just a collage.

Matilda and Sampson have been on a 'biology field trip' and also made an amazing Easter cake!

Esme has been busy planting beans and celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday Esme!

Summer has had a great time at school making origami pandas! She made small baby pandas first and then decided to challenge herself by making a giant origami panda!

Alice, Heidi and William made some hot cross buns over Easter. They have also enjoyed making a Whirley Birds and writing some poems!

Arya has drawn this lovely picture of the school!

The children at school made a rainbow to say Thank You to the NHS and our key workers.

Amy has been keeping very busy over the past few weeks and in between doing school work she has really enjoyed cooking and baking with her younger brother.

Dylan has been busy making a bird house with dad!

Daisy has been busy at her own home 'unicorn and wonder' school!

Pavan has written and decorated a beautiful Spring poem and spent some time gardening in the sunshine!

Aidan has created an erupting volcano!

Still image for this video

Dylan has created a home classroom and Lauren invented a rocket that uses a roller coaster to get her to school even faster in the mornings!

Natan and Ola have been drawing, baking, scooting and keeping fit this week!

Evan made a sloth with Hama beads and Charlie has been baking chocolate brownies!

Lilia has been keeping busy creating the princess and the pea story in a box and a flooded river!

Grace and Faye have been busy planting sunflowers, cucumber and tomato seeds while enjoying the sunshine.

Bea has made this beautiful rainbow to cheer everyone up!

Violet has been channeling her inner artist and baking a birthday cake for mum with some 'help' from little brother!

Evi made some 3D art today and she titled it …… 'Bored girl, dreaming of going on her scooter'!

Sophie and Henry have been learning to play ‘chocolate checkers’ with homemade boards and chocolate buttons - the best bit is eating your opponent's buttons when you win them!

Charlie in purple class has been using Hama beads and has designed his own 3D golden snitch.

James and Polly have been busy baking and writing poems.

Anneliese built a planter from an old pallet. Fantastic job, Anneliese!

Dylan wanted to learn about volcanoes so he plotted their location on a map using co-ordinates to see if there was a pattern.

Lauren has been doing lots of activities, including designing her own superhero and giving her a name and super powers.

Connor designed and made his own jet-pack. What a superhero!