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Prayer Group

Who We Are:
We are a group of parents and carers who meet twice a month at the school to pray for our school community. We take the time to do this because as Christians we believe prayer still works today and makes a difference in life. 
We also believe it is important to put faith into action through serving the school in a variety of practical ways. In recent years we have hosted coffee mornings as a means of connecting parents, we have provided snacks and meals for staff members prior to school parent-teacher evenings, we have served tea and coffee before our termly school church services at St Luke's church and we have worked alongside members of St Luke's to create and facilitate a 'Prayer Space' for prayer, reflection and contemplation during our last school faith week. 
We currently meet on Tuesday mornings between 9.00am-9:30am at the school. Dates for these meetings are included in the weekly school newsletter. Please contact the school office if you would like to know further details. This group is open to any parent/carer/staff member/supporter of Grayshott School.
What do we pray for?
1. Our students: their prayer requests regarding health needs, learning, friendships, and family. There are prayer boxes and spaces located around the school should any child/adult wish to make use of them
2. Our staff
3. Our school leadership team
4. Our local community
5. Our wider community