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Grayshott CE Primary School

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We have a well-equipped hall for gymnastics and dance in addition to a large field and playground area for a wide range of outdoor games. The children are taken for weekly lessons by a specialist coaching company CM Sports, who present the children with a wide spectrum of competitive games. As well as this, class teachers provide the children with gymnastic and dance skills. All children benefit from two PE lessons each week.

We aim to provide varied opportunities and a positive environment to develop physical awareness and skills. Learning how to keep ourselves and each other safe is embedded into all lessons. The children learn about the food needed to fuel the body, and the benefits of perseverance and hard work in the sporting world. Children are encouraged to consider the characteristics, attitudes and qualities that make a person successful in physical education.

A close partnership with Bohunt Secondary School encourages children to try a variety of sports and skills. These opportunities spur the children to discover, practice and extend their hobbies and passions in the sporting world. The children are also exposed to the more rigorous rules and methods in competition by having the chance to compete in tournaments against other primary schools within the area. Their achievements through co-operation, courage and perseverance are recognised in assemblies, allowing their hard work to be rewarded and become an inspiration for others.

Grayshott pupils take part in active and exciting residential trips in Years 5 and 6. These include outdoor and adventurous activities that require the physical fitness, team work, initiative and perseverance.

Through our PE curriculum we aim to:

  • Encourage the children to achieve their personal goals and to feel satisfaction and enjoyment in their physical development.
  • Provide physical challenges which enable the children to value the importance of determination and effort.
  • Allow each child to learn through planning, performance and evaluation.
  • Contribute to each child’s personal and social development, especially their self-confidence and co-operation skills.
  • Enable pupils to pursue their interests and talents by providing a broad range of after-school clubs and participation in local festivals and tournaments.


British Values and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
We seek to promote co-operation and trust through teamwork, in order to develop mutual respect and tolerance. The children appreciate and embrace the rules and boundaries that they are given within their physical education lessons, and use them wisely in healthy competition. They fully appreciate the consequences of their actions within their sporting activities. At Grayshott, the teachers trust the children to be able to personalise their learning outcomes based on their own passions and interests, giving the children the freedom to use their own inspiration and motivation. Independent learning is encouraged to develop a child’s confidence.