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Play Leaders

We have previously been lucky enough to have a team of volunteers from Silver class to carry out the role of Lunchtime Play Leaders. They have a huge number of responsibilities and work a rota system in twos and threes. Their main duties include:


  • Creating new games for children
  • Leading playtime games for small groups of children
  • Organising and keeping the equipment and toys tidy and counted
  • Demonstrating how to play fairly and kindly
  • Showing the children how to play safely with the equipment and balls
  • Behaving like a role model
  • Solving any disputes that may arise during play


The Play Leaders enjoy the level of challenge this initiative offers them, here is what a few of them said about it:

'I enjoy being a Play Leader because you get help people and teach them new games. I love it when they reward us with a huge smile on their faces. I like leading and joining in with the fun games too.'


'I like being a Play Leader because you have to be a role model and you get to encourage the children to play their own fun games.'


'I like being a Play Leader because I teach younger children to be nice to each other and give them game ideas. I also enjoy keeping the equipment tidy.'


'I like it because you can show children how to have fun at lunch times and how to listen to others.'


'I enjoy it because I can meet and play with different children and I can help them to have a great lunch time.'


'I like being Play Leader because I can enjoy my break but I can still help other children enjoy their break too. If anyone falls out we can speak to them and help them make friends again. The games are really fun too; the most popular game at the moment is called five-pass-shoot.'
The Play Leaders wear special high visibility 'Play Leader' tabards, so they can be easily spotted.
Look out for them next lunchtime; they could make your lunchtime more fun too!