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Attendance Cup Winners

Every week in Celebration Assembly, we give out the Attendance Cup, which goes to the class with the best attendance for that particular week. Now we’re close to the end of the year, I thought I would share the statistics for attendance across the school. If you want to know where your child’s class sits in the rankings for school attendance, then see below.


Attendance Cup Winners

1st Blue Class – 97.5%

2nd Silver Class – 96.4%

3rd Red Class – 94%

4th Green Class – 92.7%

5th Gold Class – 92.6%

6th Purple Class – 92.2%

7th Yellow Class – 90%


Congratulations to Blue and Silver Classes for their great attendance this year. For the other classes, let’s try and boost those numbers in the next year. 90% equates to a day off every two weeks. Just imagine how much learning is missed out on in that time over the course of a year. That would add up to nearly three weeks of school time. We understand that children are sometimes not well enough to come to school, and there are rules around sickness bugs etc. to stop illnesses from spreading. We know that chickenpox or other ailments can knock children out for a good few days. However, the aim should always be for children to come to school whenever they are fit and healthy.