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Forest School

Gold Class had a fantastic Forest School Day on Wednesday. The children came into class to find a letter on the board from Albus Dumbledore warning them that Death Eaters had cursed the class, and they would need to go to the Forbidden Forest for the day!  The Grayshott sorting hat was dusted off and told each child which house they would join in the Forest: Acromantula, Basilisk, Werewolf or Unicorn. 

In the Forest, each House had to find their mascot then complete several lessons: Potions (investigating pH on a ninja headband), Herbology (preparing lunch), Defence Against the Dark Arts (making dens and a banner with hapa zome) and a wand workshop (whittling wands). 

Everyone enjoyed a popcorn snack and worked up a good appetite for sausages, mash and ratatouille, with honey biscuits for dessert. All that fresh air and activity meant marshmallows and hot chocolate were an absolute necessity as well - to sustain energy levels.

The children were amazing and embraced every aspect of the day with energy and enthusiasm. 

Thank you very much to the parent helpers that made this day possible.